The paradox of the pornographic photography or vidé is that if the sexual act really happened, everything else is simulated, women's orgasm first. To balance this fakeness, the man have to ejaculate out of his partner sex, as a material proof of pleasure. The situation is really paradoxal where to proove the act was actual, actors perform a play far away from the reallity of our practices.

Amateur pornography is said to push further the limit of truth. Amateurs comes in front of the camera because they like that, for the pleasure. It is not an actor performance, but a sexual game to spice their lives.

In my photography, there is a play, of course. The play is first in the setting itself: the scheduled meating around two persons desire without any love feeling. Artificial situation where playing allows to live. There is a game and a stake, the game of desire is the stake of this meating, and to be successful you have to bet the desire.

The game as a developer too, the way of playing following your own desire. I never as my model to play a specific role. They play the one they want, or they own role, or maybe they don't play, I don't know, that belongs to her.