When we look at a nude photography, everything is done so the spectators feels alone facing the represented woman. If the model smiles, she smiles to the spectator, the photographer is near or totaly absent. When I come into the photography, I am nearer from the model, but I put her further to the spectator. It no more the spectator who posses, but the photographer. I have a strange position, I'm not incidentaly into the photography by a mirror game or a shadow, I'm directly on the photo, and not using a remote camera or an asssitant, in which case I would be more an actor. There is in the same proximity the model, the photographer and the camera.

Proximity arrise in another way. The high number of photography that I shoot allows me a narrow description of what happened. A kind of "truth" photography with no acting. This is a pornographic tentation, showing things crudely, with no distance. But this is not achieved because of the presentation of all theese pictures. The to high number and the mass display makes impossible the reading of the images one after another.

Every attempt to supress the distance, only result on displacing the distance.