The game of desire is oriented in a nude photography: the photographer and through him the spectator is desiring while the whoman is desired. The situation is freezed in a double passivity. The desire of the photographer is limited by the camera, the woman is submitted to the picture wished. Through his model, the photographer only shows his own desire, and to protect himsemf, he puts the spectator in the party of their common voyeur position.

I want a desiring woman instead of a desired one. From passive she must become active. This transformation happens by breaking the wall between the photographer and the model: the desire needs an object, the model cannot gives herself with nobody facing her. For a living desire an exchange is needed, it must not stay in a blocked situation. Desires goes from play to game.

Taken from the inside, the photos are in the game too. The camera is an actor the same way it is a witness. And its witness situation is compromised by its active participation. Everybody is than in danger: the model does in the same time, directly face the desire she provoques and gives an answer; the photographer must assume his desire alone and under the light; the spectator stays alone as a voyeyr without a alibi photographer.